Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Tuesday LinkFest

First up, FoIB Sam B tips us to the story at the McPaper which reports that "little of the medicine they receive is actually backed by evidence."

Well, d'unh! How about a little Tort Reform to rein that in?

Oh, and in a nice touch, the reporterette includes the long-debunked (and silly) canard that the "USA ranks low among industrialized countries in life expectancy, at number 50."

Next up, our friend Holly R has some good news for those underpaid docs:

"WellPoint [has] announced a plan to pay primary care doctors as much as 10 percent more.

The idea is to reduce the overall cost of health care, by increasing the number of primary care physicians."

Now about that Medicare DocFix...

Lastly, ever wonder why Medicare drug costs seem to fluctuate from state to state? Well wonder no more. According to a new University of Pittsburgh (PA) study (just published in The New England Journal of Medicine), variations "across the United States [are] largely due to the use of more expensive brand-name drugs and not because of the amount of drugs prescribed"

Who knew?

[Pitt Study Hat Tip: Allison Schlesinger]

ADDENDUM [Offered without comment]:

"64-Year-Old Can of Lard Still Edible Today ... a can of lard that Hans Feldmeier, an 87-year-old man from Germany, has kept for the past 64 years ... Feldmeier decided to save the lard tin for emergencies and he has held onto it ever since."

Paula Deen says "Hallelujah!"

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