Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Insurance meets the 20th Century (Finally!)

One of the most frustrating things when dealing with carriers is the dearth of tech solutions to pretty basic problems. While many health insurance (and some life insurance) carriers have adopted on-line application processes (I can't speak for the P&C side), many still require "paper apps" and inked signatures to go with them.

That may be changing, however, and the folks at the Renaissance Group (a self-described "elite coalition of independent agencies, insurers, and service with over 80 member agencies") have developed are using a new tool to help decrease their paper consumption, while increasing efficiency in sending and receiving sensitive documents electronically.

Here Bob Schackner, the company's Director of Competitive Edge Services, explains their new RPost widget for email encryption and e-signatures:

UPDATE: Just to clarify, RPost created the widget, The Renaissance Group is a (satisfied) customer.

[Hat Tip: Oly Rillera]

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