Friday, February 10, 2012

Catholics Win - White House Capitulates

The White House announced they will concede defeat (no, not really) on the flap over "free" contraceptives.

President Barack Obama declared Friday he's found a solution that will protect religious liberty but also ensure that women have access to free birth control, as he rushed to defuse an election-year political uproar that threatened to overtake his administration.

Capping weeks of growing controversy, Obama announced he was backing off a newly announced requirement for religious employers to provide free birth control coverage even if it runs counter to their religious beliefs. Instead, workers at such institutions will be able to get free birth control coverage directly from health insurance companies.

"Religious liberty will be protected and a law that requires free preventative care will not discriminate against women," Obama said in a brief appearance in the White House briefing room.

Free birth control direct from insurance companies.

What a novel idea.

So when insurance premiums rise because of of this mandate they once again become the whipping boy to fuel support for his idea of health care reform.

Why doesn't he require grocery stores to provide free food for everyone?

Since Obamneycrap we have witnessed the following, all in the name of . . . fairness.

  • Children are now defined as anyone under the age of 27
  • "Free" preventive care, paid for by rising insurance premiums
  • "Free" immunizations, paid for by rising insurance premiums
  • Children under the age of 19 cannot be denied coverage . . . which resulted in children under the age of 19 being denied coverage unless they apply as a dependent on their parents plan
  • "Free" contraceptives, paid for by rising insurance premiums
  • Limits on how much insurance carriers can charge for administrative expenses including customer service
  • Health insurance can no longer set a lifetime cap on benefits, paid for by rising insurance premiums
  • Health insurance policies must now cover maternity as any other illness, which resulted in many carriers dropping maternity as an option
  • Health insurance premiums will now be scrutinized by HHS
As a result of all this, we now have fewer carriers offering coverage, higher premiums and stricter underwriting.

How is this working out for you so far?

Readers should open up the comments section and read the contribution by Nate Ogden. It addresses some very real concerns about this "free" benefit.

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