Thursday, February 16, 2012

Confession: Didn't Ask The Bishops

From their perch on high, the folks that want to run every aspect of our lives, never bothered to consult with the Catholic church before (not really) conceding they may have been hasty in requiring ALL employers to provide "free" contraceptives.

HHS Sebelius, who has proven herself almost as inept as El PrezBO, stepped forward and admitted she never consulted with Bishops before "clarifying" the government position on birth control.

The compromise requires religious employers like schools and charities to offer contraception in employee health plans but wouldn’t require them to pay for it, instead shifting the costs to health-insurance providers.

The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, the loudest critic of the insurance requirement since the administration proposed its first version last year, remains opposed to the coverage mandate.

As well they should . . .

The Catholic church is merely the latest (and most unified) to complain that DC is trampling on our rights as citizens as provided by the Constitution . . . something the folks in Washington choose almost daily to ignore.

Catholics comprise one of the largest demographic voting blocks in the country and should be able to force the hand of this administration.

Too bad we don't have a morning after pill for Obamneycrap.

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