Wednesday, February 15, 2012

ObamneyCare© vs Jobs (Redux)

Just a few months ago, we brought you the story of a mid-sized law firm which perfectly illustrated the jobs-killing effect of ObamneyCare©. Of course, proponents of nationalized healthcare would pooh-pooh this as a one-off, but would they be right?

Turns out, not so much:

"U.S. small-business owners who aren't hiring -- 85% of those surveyed -- are most likely to say the reasons they are not doing so include not needing additional employees ... nearly half of small-business owners point to potential healthcare costs (48%)"

That only makes sense, of course: if you're a small business owner struggling merely to survive this oppressive economy, you're already well aware of how much your existing workforce's health insurance costs. Adding to that? Get real. And this is after just a couple of years of ObamneyCare©; imagine how much uncertainty will increase as we draw ever closer to 2014.

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