Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Lipitor Update

In email just received from Anthem:

"Lipitor will no longer be covered, effective April 1"

Since atorvastatin, the new generic version of this venerable cholesterol fighter, is now up and running, Anthem's dropping Lipitor from its covered med list. And according to the email, this means both group and individual business.

Something to consider if you have an HSA-compliant high deductible plan: as we've pointed out here at IB, non-covered items are ineligible for network re-pricing (ie "discounting"); this means you'll pay full retail for the med if you stick with the brand name. Adding insult to injury, since it's a non-network expense, it probably won't count towards your in-network annual deductible, either.

A double-whammy. Ouch.

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