Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Obamacare Saves Medicare

Obamacare has made an impact on Medicare. If you believe the hype from D.C., if not for Obamacare, Medicare would have gone down the tubes.          

In a recent speech by HHS Sec. Sebelius, she proclaimed the following regarding Medicare  . . . and apparently all with a straight face.
"When you add all the savings in the law up, the average Medicare beneficiary will save $4,200 over the next nine years. And those seniors with high drug costs will see even greater benefits."
This is what we call "fuzzy" math.

The "free" preventive care screenings in Obamacare?

Covered by higher Medicare Part B premiums. Yes, I know your Part B premium came down this year, but remember, this is an election year. Regardless of who is in office in 2013, you can bet your Part B premium and deductible will increase next year.

And how about Medicare Part D? Obamacare initiated a change that will close the donut hole, but just like squeezing a balloon, guess what is happening.

Because of Obamacare your Part D premiums increased and the drug formulary changed on many drugs meaning you pay MORE than you would had Obamacare never been passed.

Sec. Sebelius also fails to mention the $450 billion in cuts to Medicare funding that are built in to Obamacare. These cuts will result in higher costs to you and fewer Medicare Advantage choices. Obamacare will use money intended for seniors on Medicare to pay for "free" health care for the poor under age 65.

Funny how she forgot to mention that tidbit in Obamacare.

And then there is the IPAB (Independent Physician Advisory Board), the "death panels" that are part of 

Obamacare. Initially, only those covered by taxpayer funded health insurance (including Medicare) will find their physicians are told what treatment protocol is acceptable under Obamacare.

Your Medicare doctor will have little say so in how your medical condition can be treated, but will have to follow rules set forth by the Obamacare run IPAB.

Higher premiums. Fewer choices. Death panels.

Too bad she forgot to mention these items.

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