Monday, June 4, 2012

And that's why we call it ObamneyCare© [UPDATED & BUMPED]

And not just ObamaCare©:

"...former Bush HHS Secretary Michael Leavitt – the man who, according to Politico, is likely to become Mitt Romney’s chief of staff ... Leavitt has said some relatively positive things about certain elements of Obama’s health reform law ... “We believe that the exchanges are the solution to small business insurance market"

This is the man who would lead a Romney transition team.

UPDATE: In the comments, Mike has a solid rebuttal to my dragging Romney along. One of the great things about the IB crew is that we don't always see eye-to-eye, and I think that gives us an even broader perspective. Here's Mike:

"And that's why we call it ObamneyCare©"

Perhaps that is not being completely fair to Romney.

According to Avik Roy in Forbes this past April:

it is more accurate to say that the federal Affordable Care Act is modeled after the Democratically implemented version of the Massachusetts law, as opposed to the one that Romney had sought.”
Other snippets:
Just prior to the ceremony, Romney’s aides had announced that the Governor would be vetoing several key provisions of the bill, including its employer mandate
In the end, it didn’t matter what Romney thought about the employer mandate. The Democrats controlled 85 percent of the legislature. After the bill-signing ceremony was over, they went back to the State House and overrode each of Romney’s eight vetoes.”
There’s lots more in Roy’s article.  It’s lengthy but well worth reading the whole thing.

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