Thursday, June 14, 2012

MassCare Uh-oh

It will come as no surprise to regular readers of IB, but MassCare (famous for killing health insurance competition and increasing premiums in the Bay State) seems to be a gold-mine for folks gaming the system:

"Illegal aliens, out-of-staters and others who failed to produce proof of Massachusetts residency drained $118 million from the pool of cash the state uses to reimburse hospitals and clinics that care for the poor"


As we noted last Fall, Bay Staters were already on the hook to the tune of $93 billion for illegals' health care. As State Rep James Lyons points out:

"If you open a business in the commonwealth, you’ve got to provide documentation of where you live and what the business is ... If we’re providing benefits, all I’m suggesting we do is level the playing field. Don’t just give benefits out if we’re not requiring documentation.”

Yeah, rotsa ruck with that.

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