Monday, June 11, 2012


In a recent "news" release, UHC (UnitedHealth Group) announced they will keep most of the Obamacare provisions enacted so far, even if the Supreme Court rules against the law.

obamacare confusion
The carrier announced it will maintain the "free" (no copay) provisions of Obamacrap for preventive care, continue to cover children under their parents plan up to age 26, and will not limit lifetime maximum benefits.                        

That last one is a bit of a joke since the carrier imposed a $3 million cap on benefits for individual major medical plans in most (if not all) states until they were made illegal by Obamacrap. Almost every one of their competitors moved to an unlimited maximum benefit years earlier.

But with regard to their mind blowing announcement to keep the above provisions you need to note this admission.
None of these provisions will be free for consumers. Insurers have already factored them into the premium, or the cost of the insurance coverage.
If insurers cut these benefits, customers probably will expect a corresponding premium drop, he noted.
As we have stated before, nothing in life (especially if it comes from the government or an insurance carrier) is free. The cost is in there somewhere, you just have to figure how how you are paying for it.

But all is not rosy. The carrier is hedging their bets on at least one provision in Obamacrap.
UnitedHealth did not promise to extend another initial overhaul provision that requires the coverage of children with pre-existing conditions up to age 19. The insurer said it recognizes the provision's value, but one company alone cannot extend the provision if the law is struck down.
Unlike the "free" preventive care, covering anyone with pre-existing conditions (including children under age 19) can be very expensive. That is part of why folks in Massachusetts pay so much for their health insurance. The "guaranteed issue" provisions drive premiums to the point of being the highest in the country.

Regardless of what SCOTUS does, if Obamacrap survives intact you can expect your premiums to be as high, if not higher, than you would pay if you lived in Massachusetts.

And if the law survives but WITHOUT the individual mandate, the premiums will be even higher than that.

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