Friday, March 2, 2012

Medicare Fraud - Granny Catches a Thief

Medicare fraud is a $60 billion dollar a year business. Medicare fraud is purpertrated on taxpayers, not the government. Every dollar the government spends on Medicare comes from seniors like you and me.

Home health care Medicare fraud costs taxpayers and seniors billions of dollars each year. Every dollar stolen by Medicare thieves means you and I pay more for health care, for Medicare, and for Medigaap plans.
A hidden camera recorded the undercover grandmother's visit to a doctor in McAllen, Texas, where she told the doctor and nurses she exercised regularly and, other than some hypertension and arthritis, was in excellent health.

"I've really enjoyed good health all my life, God's been good to me," the doctor was told by Doris Ace, the grandmother of ABC News producer Megan Chuchmach.

Yet the official certification sent to Medicare for home health care services indicate she was homebound and suffered from two internal infections, incontinence and needs "assistance in all activities, unable to safely leave home, severe sob," an abbreviation for shortness of breath.

Watch this ABC News video and read more about Medicare fraud.

Thanks to Henry Stern for this tip!

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