Friday, March 23, 2012

Friday LinkFest

A veritable smorgasbord of interesting items:

■ First up, The Feds are starting to roll out new ObamneyCare© regulations in the hopes of answering lingering questions about implementation of this train-wreck.

Methinks they will generate more questions than answers.

FoIB Holly R sends us a pair of relevant stories. From The Atlantic, FoIB Avik Roy opines that ObamneyCare© proponents have it all wrong: the free market can provide the necessary answers to our health care financing and delivery woes.

■ She also tips us to the non-news that PresBo is still misrepresenting his own mother's health insurance "crisis;" apparently the man is incapable of differentiating between health insurance (which did, in fact, pay mom's health care bills) and disability insurance.

PresBo, lying? That's just crazy talk!

■ Bob D tips us to this little factoid:

"Computer Access to Patient Test Results Does Not Decrease Cost or Curtail Test Ordering"

So the digital age doesn't automatically cut costs? Hunh.

■ CareSource runs the Dayton (OH) Medicaid program; it's recently partnered up with Humana to "more effectively serve Medicare and Medicaid beneficiaries, particularly people who qualify for both programs." It's easy to see why Humana wants a piece of that action: they're a major player in the Cincinnati market, but not so much up the road here in Dayton.

■ And finally, loyal reader Patrick P points us to yet another Avik Roy piece, this one explaining the highly negative impact ObamneyCare© is already having on younger folks.

That's a wrap - Have a GREAT weekend!

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