Saturday, March 10, 2012

Cutting off the nose to spite...

First off, he (or she) with the gold gets to make the rules. That said, methinks that Ms Shecantbeserious is taking things a bit too personally:

"The federal government will withdraw funding for a Texas program providing more than 100,000 poor women with birth control and other health services because Planned Parenthood clinics are not allowed to participate"

That's right: because one vendor is barred from participating, Madame Secretary has put at risk the health (and perhaps lives) of over 100,000 folks on the bottom rungs of the socioeconomic ladder. Notwithstanding the Hyde Amendment, and the fact that all of the services that PP provides (save one in particular) are available from other providers, HHS has now put at (increased) risk the most vulnerable among us.

Of course, as we've pointed out, convenience items birth control is generally not medically necessary, so why we're paying for it in the first place is a mystery to me [ed: not really]. But one wonders whether or not this Federal overreach is really about "the rules" or, perhaps, something else entirely.

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