Friday, March 16, 2012

Decapitating Global Budgets

Gotta give the ObamneyCare© folks credit: they sure know how to obfuscate the truth. Take, for example, their latest excursion into the bizarro world of rationed health care:

"Also encouraging is the spread of global payment plans as an alternative to the traditional fee-for-service system ... Global payments encourage physician practices to communicate with patients between visits, and to make better use of nurse-assistants and other professionals for routine care and follow-up."

Now here it is in English:

"We've run out or bankrupted most of the really good physicians here, and we've provided - at great taxpayer cost - insurance to thousands of slackers, thus creating an even greater strain on an already struggling system .. so we'll now go to a [de]capitated care model in hopes of staunching the flow."

Let's continue, shall we?

"To continue to make progress, global payment systems and tiered networks need to be expanded, and the government can help. The state could standardize the distinction between high-cost and moderate-cost providers, which can be an incentive for hospitals to lower their costs."

And now in standard English:

"Help! Our system is already bleeding dollars, we don't have enough providers as it is, and we've encouraged more folks than ever to seek care on the taxpayers' nickel. Let's just cut reimbursements so everyone gets the same crappy mediocre care."

That about do it?

[Thanks to FoIB Elena Marie for the tip!]

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