Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Tuesday Afternoon LinkFest

■ First up, American Thinker's Mike Stopa has interesting analysis about what we fear most about ObamneyCare©, and the historical ramifications of such a transformational change:

"They fear that they won't be able to continue to go to the doctor whom they trust. They fear that once a single consumer -- the government -- replaces 300 million consumers of drugs and medical technology and then begins to regulate costs ... But perhaps Americans' greatest fear of all is that Obamacare is a one-way door".

■ Next, a breast implant registry? Well, maybe:

"American health officials were urged to set up efficient mandatory registry to track breast implant patients ... When an implant deflates or things go wrong, it's very important to have because these are not life-long devices"

Who knew?

FoIB Jeff M tips us that "[d]octors in America are harboring an embarrassing secret: Many of them are going broke." Seems that "shrinking insurance reimbursements, changing regulations, rising business and drug costs" all conspire to bring them down.

Or maybe not so much:

"[S]ome experts counter that doctors' lack of business acumen is also to blame."


■ Do economic factors influence health care spending? Perhaps:

"The growth of health-care spending was near a historic low at 3.9% in 2010 as the weak economy prompted people to cut back on medical care"

And yet:

"Health spending accounted for 17.9% of gross domestic product in 2010, the same as the previous year."

Imagine that.

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