Thursday, January 12, 2012

To boldly go where no patient has gone before

Here is a previously-unreported flavor of the “medical tourism” phenomenon.

InsureBlog has occasionally reported on medical tourism over
the past several years.

The new flavor is "circumvention medical tourism" - - medical tourism for services that are illegal in the patient's home country but legal in the destination country.

The author of the linked circumvention article further believes that the “home” country should criminalize this behavior – which I suppose means that when the tourist comes home, she would be subject to prosecution.

I disagree, because I think there are practical as well as legal problems. However the suggestion does reminds me of a baseball story. A batter called out on strikes hurls his bat into the air. The umpire watches the bat spin upwards, then tells the player, “son if that bat comes down, you’re out of the game!”

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