Friday, July 6, 2012

Waiting on the Forgetful MVNHS©

The Much Vaunted National Health Service© (the Brits' version of ObamaTax), has developed a unique and, one supposes, highly effective means for enforcing its Death Panels:

"THOUSANDS of dementia sufferers are being abandoned by the [MVNHS©], with shocking variations in the time it takes to get a diagnosis and support ... some patients are not informed for at least five years that they have the disease, meaning treatments that are available are not as effective."

Really, what a great idea! Folks with dementia are unlikely to complain about care they haven't received; after all, who'd believe them?

And by making seniors wait until it's too late for most med's to be effective, the "service" saves money on costly treatments. Of course, this is what we here in the 'States have to look forward to under ObamaTax.

And speaking of waiting:

"Tens of thousands of patients who face having to wait more than 18 weeks for [MVNHS©] treatment will be offered a bed in a private hospital."

With just shy of 150,000 Brits waiting at least 18 weeks for treatment, that's a pretty gutsy bet.

And here's the truly scary part:

"In the last year the NHS has reduced the number of people waiting longer than 18 weeks for treatment to a record low."

Almost 150,000 folks waiting over 4 months for medical treatment is a low??


Sure glad that can't happen here.

Wait, what?

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