Friday, July 6, 2012

And speaking of waiting: Oy, Canada!

"At some point in time, every Canadian will be placed on a medical waitlist."

Says whom?

Says the folks who actually market "wait list" insurance to our Neighbors to the North. And they should know, since they actually live it, literally putting their money where their mouth is.

But wait, health insurance in Canada is free!

Indeed, and worth every penny (or is that loonie?).

The truth is, some lucky Canadians can skip the lines and head for the border; those left behind face often excruciatingly long wait times for treatment. Which is where the clever folks at Acure [ed: get it? "A cure"] come in:

"Medical Access Insurance provides Canadians with expedited access to specialist consultation, diagnostics and surgery for over 135 treatments and conditions. Medical treatment for covered conditions will be provided in weeks – not months or years."

One wonders about franchise opportunities as ObamaTax comes to fruition.

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