Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Medicare and Circumcision

Medicare and circumcision. Now there are two words you don't expect to hear mentioned in the same sentence.        
THE LONG-RUNNING debate on circumcision is set to return as the federal government considers whether the surgical practice should continue to qualify for Medicare payments.
There you go.
Critics say there is little medical reason to circumcise an infant and that it should be withdrawn from Medicare coverage unless found to be medically necessary.

An opponent, Simon Harris, a non-doctor who runs a web-based group called Circumcision Doctors Australia, says about 12 per cent of newborn boys in Australia have circumcision attracting the Medicare benefit.
The Australian health care system is called Medicare.

And THEIR Medicare system is debating if the cost of circumcision should be paid for by taxpayers.

In America, Medicare will pay for Viagra, but will it pay for circumcision?

I really don't know.

I just wanted to use Medicare and circumcision in the same post.

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