Wednesday, May 2, 2012

How it works: Red wine and health

We've reported on the health benefits of red wine before, specifically the role of resveratrol.

But here's a more detailed look at why it does what it does:

"The ‘miracle ingredient’ resveratrol credited with anti-ageing powers, and the ability to work against cancer, heart disease and obesity, really does boost the body’s supply of cell energy ... But it is only ‘switched on’ in the presence of a gene called SIRT1 that is the key to longevity and energy."

Kind of like how epoxy glues work, where both "pieces" are necessary for the product to work as advertised. The challenge is that it's not clear whether or not everyone has the SIRT1 gene, so it may not be a "universal" panacea.

Still, it's promising news.

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